Yes, The Iran Election Saga Is All About Twitter

Interview with the man behind the ‘greenification’ of Twitter.

Indeed. And I guess dialogue is the one thing that Twitter is really good at facilitating. What do you think is the real potential of Twitter for the purpose of facilitating social change?

Oh, come on …

Next thing I’ll be hearing is that Twitter will be where Jesus first announces his second coming.

Whatever is happening in Iran, is happening because there are people putting their lives on the line. It isn’t because of Twitter or whatever it is that Twitter is good at.

People are making it sound like we never ever had any facilitators for social change.

And to people who say Twitter is making it easier to facilitate social change… I call bullshit. Change never happens unless people are ready for it to happen. The tool used is incidental.

All Twitter does is allow more gutless people to masturbate in their glory of armchair activism safe from everything.

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Ian Goes To SGTweetup And Sees Hot Babes

Yesterday the first, supposedly, Singapore Tweetup was held at Geek Terminal. Like the usual kaypoh I am, I decided to go down look look see see. It was great to finally meet ctham who I started following during the whole AWARE fiasco as well as catch up with some friends.

Sadly, I had to leave early, but not before acquiring a sour taste in my mouth. Apparently a few other individuals had also felt the joyous occasion of finally meeting people you kind-of-know-and-are-friends-with for the first time was sullied by a seemingly hidden agenda for organizing the Tweetup – the promotion of an online reality TV show SuperModelMe.

Now, there are few things I enjoy more than being in the presence of 10 hot babes, although only 1 lady really came close to shorting my thought and speech circuitries like the Bond gals did many years ago – yes, you the stunning leggy model in blue top, I’m talking about you.


But I like to be warned beforehand that I’m going for an event where someone is trying to officially promote something, and make no mistake, that was what happened tonight. Imagine if a company arranged an event called ‘Bloggers Meetup’ and a whole bunch of bloggers gathered thinking it was just a night of socializing and networking. Suddenly a representative of XXX company steps forward, takes the stage and starts pitching about a new product.

Make no mistake, THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!

Twitterers are people too. It would be nice if they were engaged with a certain amount of courtesy. Tonight’s gathering was in danger of becoming a outreach-to-Twitterers event instead of a simple Tweetup. Spin it whatever way you want, the models weren’t Twitterers (despite them having accounts created) and tonight was a gathering for Twitterers.

Having said all that, I think getting the models to use Twitter for the duration of the contest is an interesting concept. Instead of going into a confession booth at EOD to complain about their day and bitch about fellow contestants, they can do it whenever they like by whipping out a phone and twitter. Hell, what I’m really looking forward to is the indiscriminate taking of photos and the subsequent uploads to Twitpic.

Sadly, these fine ladies don’t seem to be that much in the know about Twitter. But every cloud has a silver lining, and while I may not be a social media guru, I would gladly hold the hands of the ladies as they take baby steps into the brave new world of the Twitterverse.


As always, Unique Frequency weighs in with an interesting post.

Ingrid shares her thoughts.

There are actually worse ways for an event to be ‘spoiled’ – the addition of 10 well groomed ladies into our presence, relatively speaking, isn’t all bad.


The story about the Bond gals is an interesting one, at least to me. Never had I ever been so close to four accomplished women with such perfect poise and mesmerizing beauty. I don’t think I ever will.

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Porn Stars Who Use Twitter

Who cares that Oprah is using Twitter? Guys would probably be more interested in these 10 Porn Stars who use Twitter. In case you are wondering, definitely NSFW.


There is a post there, somewhere, about porn stars using Twitter from a guy (i.e. me) who grew up in a Christian family. That post would be coming from the same place which led me to make this comment (not verbatim) at BlogOut2009 to litford and patlaw.

“Growing up in a traditional Christian church, I have been conditioned to believe that people with tattoos are deviant and individuals who are desecrating the temple of God and thus must also be morally corrupt.”

In case you are wondering, some of the nicest people I’ve met are lesbians, gays and people covered with tattoos.

Reality doesn’t gel with what is preached from the pulpit and whispered in the dining halls of churches.

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My One Shorter Than Your One. Actually, No Lah… Same Length

Length matters. Any lady who tells you otherwise is lying. Of course, the problem is, longer isn’t always better. It is about having the right amount for the job at hand.

Arti Mulchand, formerly a journalist from SPH, shared some pointers on how to write right at the event hosted by the folks from Ogilvy.

Two of the pointers:

Don’t waste words.
Short paragraphs; and short sentences.

Probably the most famous example of how austerity in words does not hinder the telling of a good story is the following six words by Hemingway,

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

The six words story is a sub-genre of flash fiction.

Googled and found these positively delicious sites:

There is a twitter account for Sixwordstories.

Lots of great ones:

Computer becomes conscious. Immediately commits suicide.

Met at antiwar rally. Still fighting.

God creates Universe. Realizes mistake. Hides.

Bury the hatchet…then the body.

If you have any six words story to share, why not Tweet it and tag it with #sixwords.


The complete list of pointers to Write Right:

  • Have an opinion
  • Say something they don’t know; or say it differently
  • Tell stories
  • Hook with the headline and the first paragraph
  • Write how you speak
  • Emotions beat emoticons
  • Details, details, details – show, don’t tell
  • Don’t waste words
  • Edit yourself
  • Short paragraphs; and short sentences
  • Don’t SCREAM


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How To Track Influence In Social Media – What Would Yongfook Do?

Had lunch with Pat Law today and we were discussing about BlogOut 2009 when she shared about the new project from celebrity web producer Yongfook named Rippl3.

She shared that the project was described as being a tool to ‘Set goals, track success, make sense of your social media campaigns’. Immediately, my mind started racing. How would anyone implement such a tool? More importantly, what would yongfook do ( i.e. WWYD ) to create such a tool?

Incidentally, Yongfook also goes by the name ‘Jon’, so it really is ‘WWJD’. He was born for this.

Anyway, I digress. I looked into the name ‘Rippl3′ and wondered whether Yongfook was alluding to the phenomenon of waves radiating outwards from the point where a pebble drops into a body of water. I described the phenomenon and Pat said something like, ‘that’s like the logo’ ( not exactly sure what were the exact words used ).

The logo in question:


The phenomenon in question:

So how could such a phenomenon be used to explain the concept of tracking influence in social media?

Simple. You drop a message into a social system and track its effects across time and people further away ( in terms of network connections ) from the original recipient. I’m of course simplifying. The above is the ‘what do you do’. Not how. Not why.

The more detailed thoughts will occur after Blogout 2009. I need to digest this a little more.

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Twitter Can Be Used To Teach English

I was trying to fit a message into the 140 characters limit when I realized that while some academics and intellectual snobs have bemoaned the quality of English used on services like Twitter and the bastardization of the language, I realized that Twitter can actually help us improve our English.

Remember all those summaries you had to do in Secondary School? Well, Twittering with proper English words forces you to learn how to say what you need to, or want to, as succinctly as possible. You might be compelled to improve your vocabulary by learning synonyms and antonyms.

Of course we can just continue to use lol, wtf, rofl, omg or just make up new ones. However, I think the use of such services, while condescendingly referred to as symptomatic of our snacking culture, might help us if we allow it to.

Any teacher planning to create a course syllabus around the use of Twitter as a tool to teach English? Imagine a game being played with Twitter where players actually improve their English at the end of the day.




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Going To Start Twittering After M1 Customer Service Came Through For Me

I just managed to get TwitterBerry working on my BlackBerry.  It seems that I needed M1 to push Service Books to me so that the external applications I installed onto the BlackBerry would start working.  I’ve been trying to get the external applications to work for some time to no avail.  Today, I decided to call M1 customer service for the second time to check for me and the lady who was helping me realized what was wrong and pushed the needed Service Books.

Here is the thing.  It was my second time calling.  The first time was a few months ago and I got this guy who was supposed to help me but all he did was insist that things should be working.  I told him my problem.  I think I even asked about Service Books.  He said something along these lines, ‘Should work what, I mean, I tried before and it works, so it should work on your BlackBerry.  You just try k, should work.’  Thanks a lot Sherlock.

I feel the collective pride of all mandom talking a hit here.  I mean, a lady provided better technical support than a guy.  I know it’s a sexist thing to say, but if there was one thing, just one thing left in this world where a guy could be better at something, I had hope it would be knowing more about tech stuff.

Sigh.  Now even that has been taken away from us.

What is there left for us to cling on to for some flimsy vestige of superiority?

Anyway, now that I have TwitterBerry, I’m going to start twittering more especially when I’m commuting.  Got to make sure the unlimited data plan does not go to waste.  Hopefully, there will be tweets by twistedian worth reading.

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