The Problem With Passengers Who Like to Exit-Block

Dk commented that no matter how they draw the lines, there will still be jokers who will block the exit (or is entrance).

Over at the post, there have been some suggestions on how to prevent commuters from blocking the path of those who want to exit.

Spikes, Sweeping doors…

Nothing will work.

Well, there is 1 solution that could work. You put all boarding passengers behind another door some distance away. Once the alighting passengers have cleared, the second door will open, allowing the commuters to board the train. This is something like the system used by the monorail system over at Sentosa.

In the end though, all these actions is just an attempt to control very expected behavior. The key is to change the behavior. Not control it.

How to change? Remove the incentive to want to rush into a train. Now, from my observation, people block the entrance (or is it exit) of the train not because they are concerned about getting into the train, nor concerned about getting into the train first.

What they are actually concerned about is getting into the train early enough to grab a seat.

So, the key to changing the behavior is to remove all the seats on trains.

Yup. No more seats, nothing to fight about.

But wait, what about old people, pregnant women, disabled passengers.

Hmmm…what about them…. they aren’t getting seats already…so what would be the difference?