City Harvest & The Crossover project

I was there in the beginning. One of those who supported (then) Pastor Sun’s endeavours and also contributed to the building fund. Though I’ve stopped attending church, I remember my time at City Harvest with fondness.

Even now, as a practical atheist, I’m following this case with particular sadness.

Year ago, when my best friend shared with me his discomfort about the crossover project, I fiercely opposed his views and was upset with the naysayers. I remember sharing two points about the naysayers:

1. The ‘older’ and more ‘traditional’ Christians are more concern about The Crossover project failing than the supposed ‘right’ way of reaching out to non-believers.

2. The naysayers want the project to fail because they want to be able to indulge in smug self-righteousness, confident in the comfortable old ways and be able to say, ‘told you so’.

Here is the thing… if you are a Christian, then you must in some way believe in the power of prayer and spiritual warfare.

I’ve always felt that the older and more traditional Christians opposed The Crossover project with the wrong perspective.

Wrong perspective:

“God, please let Pastor Kong see the error of his ways and stop the crossover project before more are led astray.”

A more useful perspective:

“God, Kong and his church is trying something new to win souls for you. Please guide and protect him and the church as they find their way.”

From my interactions with the naysayers, it was always more of the former, not enough of the latter. And if you believe in the power of prayer and spiritual warfare and the devil wanting to corrupt all that is good, then, the current state of affairs isn’t that surprising. To me, the older and more traditional Christians wanted this to happen.

Pastor Kong and his team are still responsible for their actions. But, like I said, if you believe in spiritual warfare, the devil, and the power of prayer, then those Christians who currently delight in this failure and had hoped for it, well, gave the evil one more power to nudge matters along in the spiritual plane.