Crazy Crazy Night

Thanks to Pat and the great folks managing Johnnie Walker’s brand in Singapore, I had a chance to party at St James earlier today.

It was a crazy crazy night.

Bumped into an old secondary school classmate who looks as young as I last saw him in class, who turned out to be the boyfriend of a friend’s friend that kept trying to get me to dance the whole night. Waited at Powerhouse for a friend who had just returned from Thailand only to leave to another club right beside my place as her other friends were there, just to get ‘abandoned’ by the friend from Thailand who had to go home to sleep. Met a gal who was the younger sister of a famous personality from my university days and went back to St James with her to dance the night away, discovering in the cab ride that the professor the Thailand friend had been meeting before she came to St James was the most famous sociology professor from NUS (who I studied under and totally think is a bad-ass). Sister of famous personality was working in a field that I’ve been studying for the ship. Lots of other coincidences weaved into the tale.

Maybe Singapore is really too small.

And yet, despite the craziness and fun of the night, as I sit here typing this, I can only think of how I probably blew the chance to work with one of the most brilliant guys I’ve ever met in Singapore because I mistook his remarks for condescension as opposed to honest introspection.

It is a crazy crazy world.

On a brighter note, great whiskey was consumed and hot chicks below.