How Can The People Improve Singapore’s Public Transport System

Let’s make the following assumptions:

1. The government is incompetent and does not know how to improve the public transport system.

2. Either that, or the government cannot be bothered to improve the public transport system for the benefit of the citizens/people.

3. The public transport companies are incompetent.

4. Either that, or they do not care a rat’s ass about the commuters and only care about maximizing shareholders’ value.

5. If we wait for them to make things better, the universe will reach maximum entropy and die before that happens.

6. We will always be stuck with a ‘lousy’ public transport system that leaves us unsatisfied.

So, the question I have is – How can the commuters themselves improve the public transport system?

This question is not asking:

1. What are the suggestions commuters have for the government and public transport companies to improve the system?

Let’s just assume your suggestions are worth less than two cents to those directly responsible for the system. So, this isn’t about building more road or improving routes.

2. How commuters can behave better when using the public transport system?

This isn’t about giving up seats or not rushing into a train or about smelly SCGS armpits.

How can we – assuming we are stuck with the current system or that whatever new system concocted is equally ‘crap’ – improve what we have with our own efforts?